Icelandair Cargo is a part of the Icelandic society. Every day we contribute to our society by creating value. Every day we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Icelandair Cargo is proud of its role in the Icelandic community and continues to seek new opportunities to expand its ties to society at large. 


What makes Icelandaircargo so green?


Maximising aircraft space

Of all our environmental efforts, we have achieved our greatest impact by optimizing our use of aircraft belly space, utilizing free space on passenger flights to export 55% of our fish in 2016, up from 16% in 2008. We also maximize the load factor of our freighters by filling the space as compactly as possible. Any remaining freight can then be moved to passenger aircraft, thereby preventing issues with overflow.

Prime location

Icelandair Cargo is located at Keflavík International Airport, where we have custom-built storage coolers and many of our offices. From there, Icelandair’s powerful route network connects us with the world. The airport is also close to the ocean and fish processing facilities, which means that every catch can be in the air within a matter of hours. Using the shortest possible travel distances means we can guarantee freshness while keeping emissions to a minimum.

Fleet upgrades

In 2016 Icelandair added two Boeing 767-300s to our shared network, and a further sixteen Boeing 737 MAX 8s and MAX 9s will join the fleet over the course of 2019 to 2021.

Increased fluid efficiency
20% by 2021
Compared with 757s, these aircraft increase fuel efficiency by 11%, 17% and 20%, respectively. We have also improved the fuel efficiency of our Boeing 757-200/300s by adding winglets, which increase efficiency by 4%.

Continuous descent approach (CDA)

We use the continuous descent approach (CDA), a landing procedure that uses a smooth, constant-angle descent instead of the more common stair-step approach. This method helps us reduce both fuel consumption and noise pollution.

Carbon offsets - it's easy being green

We work in partnership with Kolviður Iceland Carbon Fund to offer carbon offsetting. Customers now have the opportunity to carbon neutralize shipments on all our routes. Kolviður works to reduce greenhouse gases through forest cultivation, which both captures CO2 from the atmosphere while reducing soil erosion.

Have worked for 20 years
Have worked for 30 years

Being a responsbile employee

It is important to us that all employees are treated equally and fairly, and that we respect the diversity of our team. In this way we ensure that everybody is able to use their education, experience and talents to their fullest potential

  • We emphasize that employees must respect our equality policy and work within its guidelines. All forms of discrimination are forbidden, including discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion and other beliefs, and profession
  • Harassment, for example sexual harassment and workplace bullying, is not tolerated
  • The company also aims to offer employees a healthy balance between work responsibilities and family obligations, for example through flexible working hours or part-time work, where feasible

12,5 years
Devoted years of employees

Employee Satisfaction

We measure employee satisfaction by conducting an annual employee survey. The results of the survey are used to further develop job satisfaction, co-operation and security within the company. Supervisors also conduct employee interviews twice a year, with follow ups three months later to assess how everything is progressing.

Loyal employees

Our employees have been with us for an average of 12.5 years. Around 36% have been with us for 15 years or more, over 25% have been with us for more than 20 years, and 8% have been with us for over 30 years.


Our values


We focus on integrity, professionalism and expertise. We keep our promises.


We value initiative and flexibility to maximize the value of our service to our customers.


We enjoy our work. Our communications are characterized by lightness and our will to serve.


We operate under efficient procedures and therefore we provide reliable, quality service.

Upcoming goals

• We aim to be one of the first 50 companies in Iceland to integrate equal pay certification. • We aim to have 60% of Icelandair Cargo's freight carried in passenger aircraft holds, as compared to 16% in 2008. • Shareability in the aircraft fleet results in extensive economy of fuel consumption per ton of freight. In the process reducing co2 emissions.

less electricity usage in our offices by 2019
lower CO2 emissions by 2022
of our freight carried in passenger aircraft holds, as compared to 16% in 2008
less waste from our offices by year 2019
lower CO2 emissions by 2050

Improvements in fuel efficiency

The main goal of the Icelandair Fuel Management Committee is to reduce fuel burn and thereby reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2, and air pollutants (NOx). During the past few years, numerous changes have been made to both the Company’s operations and its aircraft.

We constantly pursue new ways of improving fuel burn in our operations to achieve IATA's mission statement and achieve CO2 carbon offsett for all our freight by 2050.

lower CO2 emissions with newer airplanes (Boeing 737 MAX)
Improvement in fuel burn in our operations by year 2021
reduction in fuel burn achieved with new winglets

It's easy being green

Icelandair Cargo operates in accordance with the ISO 14001 Standard, 2015.

How we compare


Icelandair Cargo vs neighbouring countries

Icelandair Cargo fish exports create minimal carbon emissions in comparison with similar products from competing countries. Compared with Norwegian cod transported by truck to Liège in Belgium, for example, Icelandic cod has a 13% lower carbon footprint when transported by Icelandair cargo, and 85% lower when transported by passenger flight to the same destination.
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Not all protein is created equal

Icelandic sea fish produces drastically less CO2 than most other meat, eggs and dairy. For example, if we compare Icelandic cod transported via Icelandair Cargo to Liège with the global average for other forms of protein, carbon emissions are:

Times greater for eggs
Times greateer for chicken
Times greater for beef

Time for freshness

Icelandair Cargo’s prime position and powerful aircraft network mean that we can get fish to its destination within around 36 hours of the catch – exceptionally fresh, and with a long shelf-life ahead of it.


Icelandair Cargo Corporate Responibility commitments and partnerships


The latest addition to our green efforts is a partnership with the Kolviður Iceland Carbon Fund, which brings our customers into the process of making air travel more environmentally friendly.
When buying cargo from us, all of our customers can now choose to offset the carbon emissions generated by their portion of the flight.
The objective of the Kolviður Fund is to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by increasing the carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems, binding the soil and reducing soil erosion, increasing public and company awareness in regard to greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting education on related issues.
We also collaborate with many other environmental organisations. You may choose to Carbon neutral your cargo footprint With

World Chamipionship of the Icelandic Horse

Icelandair Cargo is the principal sponsor of the World Championship of the Icelandic Horse, which is held annually at various locations in Europe.

Special Children Travel Fund

Our parent company Icelandair also makes it easy to make a difference. The Icelandair Special Children Fund is a combined effort by Icelandair and its passengers to help chronically ill and disadvantaged children experience their dream journeys. Visit the Special Children Travel Fund website for further information and to read travel stories about special children's dream journeys.