Icelandair Cargo freighters have been labelled with the Icelandic fish industry logo that promotes responsibility in fisheries, with the slogan 'Absolutely Fresh'.

Export of fresh seafood from Iceland to markets abroad is one of the cornerstones of the operations of Icelandair Cargo.   The labelling is the company's endeavour to support marketing of Icelandic seafood abroad.   Icelandair Cargo route network plays a key role in securing freshness, quality and authenticity of Icelandic seafood.   Fresh fish is the most valuable seafood product from Iceland.

'There has been a steady growth in the export of fresh seafood at Icelandair Cargo and fresh fish is a solid base in our  operations.   When marketing fresh seafood there are numerous factors to take into consideration apart from the freshness itself, namely reliability, secure delivery and last but not least maintain and sustain the fishing stock with sensible fishing.   Iceland has been in the forefront when it comes to fisheries management.   The 'Absolutely Fresh' logo stands for Icelandic origin and responsible fishing policy.  The aim is to raise customers confidence and knowledge about the product.
We want to be a major player in the chain and we are proud to have this logo on our cargo aircraft.' 

- Says Gunnar Mar Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo.

Icelandair Cargo operates 5 Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft.  2 freighters are used for scheduled flights to and from Iceland.   The remaining 3 are used in various projects throughout Europe.   In addition to the freighters operations, Icelandair Cargo sells the passenger freight capacity on the Icelandair route network.    In total Icelandair Cargo offers service to and from around 30 destinations both sides of the North Atlantic.

Icelandair Cargo has offices in Reykjavik (Headoffice), Keflavik (Office and warehouse), Liege Belgium and New York USA.   Icelandair has a daughter company, Icelandair Logistics which oversees the operations in the Benelux countries and handling in Liege Belgium.   General sales agents (GSA) act on our behalf in most European countries and in Asia.