The flexibility in the Icelandair schedule and its subsidiaries over the past days and weeks following the volcanic eruptions in Eyjafjallajökull  has been remarkable. Icelandair Cargo was no exeption. When almost every major airport in Europe, as well as Keflavik Airport, were closed, it was decided to move tools and equipment, including aircrafts, to Akureyri. All of our operation was directed from the North of Iceland the last weekend in April and again the second weekend in May. Various problems and challenges were encountered, which were all solved. That made our aircrafts able to stay airbourne and our customers. We always flew with the safety of our crew and ground staff at the forefront, and managed well to combine it with good service with a concerted effort of all employees of Icelandair Cargo, along with staff from all over Icelandair and its subsidiaries. We thank our customers very much for their cooperation during these challenging times and hope that the worst is over!