Icelandair Cargo and Hjörvar Steinn Grétarsson, international chess champion and a member of the Icelandic national chess team , signed an agreement yesterday at the Icelandic Chess association headquarters. With this partnership Icelandair Cargo wants to support Hjörvar Stein in his future achievements in the game of chess.
Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, Managing director of Icelandair Cargo says:
It is a pleasure to support our most promising chess player who's already become one of the best chess players in Iceland. We have great faith in Hjörvar Steinn and we want to support him as much as we can.

Hjörvar Steinn: I want to thank Icelandair Cargo for their generouse support. This agreement will enable me to attend more international chess tournaments .

Gunnar Björnsson President of the Icelandic Chess Association: The Icelandic Chess Association is extremely grateful for the support to Hjörvar Steinn. This will undoubtedly make a huge differance to him.