Dear customers.

It’s a pleasure for us to inform that today we’ll sign a new contract with an organization called Kolvidur.  The objective of the contract is to offer our customers carbon neutralized transport in our network in an easy, efficient and responsible manner.  We have together with Kolvidur calculated our emissions and the costs of carbon neutralizing each kg. of freight we fly on all our network.

By doing this we’re meeting the request of many of our customers to offer highest quality of fresh sustainable seafood at the same time as we’re making sure it’s done in the most responsible manner.  Customers can choose if and how much of their airfreight is carbon neutralized, e.g. all of it, on specific contracts, specific flights etc.

In Iceland only 1,3% of the land is forested.  Kolvidur’s objective is to increase significantly Iceland’s forests and at the same time to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.  By cooperating with Kolvidur we’re working at reforesting the vast available land in Iceland and at the same time offering our customers the highest quality sustainable fresh seafood.

 Examples of costs of carbon neutralizing:

Keflavik – London            kr. 0,39/kg. (USD 0,0032/kg of freight)

Keflavik – Boston             kr. 0,72/kg. (USD 0,0059/kg of freight)

Keflavik – Liege                 kr. 1,93/kg. (USD 0,0159/kg of freight)