A part of Jökulsárlón glacier will have an important role on stage in London where the music band Madness will perform tonight. It will also be for exhibition at the Wilton Music Hall for the next few days.

The glacier is a part of the artwork Goodbye Planet Earth after the icelandic-norwegian art performer Björg Thorhallsdottir for the organization Vox Naturae. The purpose of this piece is to increase awareness for climate change and its effect on glaciers around the world. 

Icelandair Cargo along with Icelandic Mountain Guides, Jökulsárlón and Iceland Excursion worked together with Vox Naturae to get the part of the glacier from Jökulsárlón to London.

Vox Naturae made a video of the trip to the glacier with Cathal music and Björg’s voiceover.