Promote Iceland and Air Iceland held a trade exihibition in Katuaq cultural center in Nuuk, Greenland 23 – 25 October where a number of Icelandic companies promoted their services to Greenlanders.

Air Iceland has frequent flies to all main destinations in Greenland: Nuuk, Kulusuk, Narsarsuaq, Ilulissat og Ittoqqortoormiit for both passengers and cargo. These flight connections are important for Greenlanders as together with the route network of Icelandair and Icelandair Cargo Greenlanders are able to connect to the rest of the world through Iceland which is the country that is geographically located most close to Greenland.

Sigurgeir Mar Halldorsson at Icelandair Cargo and Vigfus Vigfusson at Air Iceland where happy with the trip and want to see an even bigger exhibition next year.