Constructions for a new perishable center at Keflavik Airport are going well. The estimated completion time is in the end of this month, November 2014.

The Perishable center is an extension to the current warehouse for about 1000 square meters that will be equipped with a new precooling system. The system produces an air stream which allows the ambient air of the refrigerated warehouse to be circulated through the pallets. This means that the cool air reaches the interior areas of the pallets in the shortest possible time. This process greatly reduces the cooling down period. The accelerated cooling slows down the ripening and thus increases the possible storage period of perishables.

Perishables are an important part of our total transports and with the new perishable center we are better equipped to meet increased volumes, security and quality requirements. To ensure the freshness of fruit and vegetables, the continuous cooling of the goods is absolutely essential.

We thank David Smari Jonatansson from the Icelandair Cargo office in Keflavik for this short time lapse video that shows how fast the progress is going.