The Fish Dock
The new family-owned fish store will  open in Closter, NJ (25-30 minute drive from NYC). For the past 6 months the family has been renovating an old run down space and turned it into a lively seafood market. They will offer freshly caught fish from Iceland, and within few hours from catch it can be on board an Icelandair Cargo flight from Iceland. The Icelandic fish can be in the Fish Dock‘s counter withing 48 hours.
The Icelandic company Fishland has been helping them get the purest and freshest hook and line caught cod and trout and their first shipment with Icelandair Cargo will be around 160kg.
For more information about this family-owned company visit: www.thefishdock.com

fish counter

The Fish Dock counter with fresh quality fish flown in with Icelandair Cargo usually the day before.

 owners with the major of Closter

The store owners María and Óli with the major of Closter