Demand for space in the incubator Ocean Cluster house (http://www.sjavarklasinn.is/en/) which is supported by Icelandair Cargo and other companies has greatly increased. Seventeen companies now lease housing space, 26 founders and their employees. The diversity of the companies is high. Here you can find companies developing health ingredients from fish, innovative enterprises in ocean-related tourism, a company that develops a new type of dried fish, a company that developed a software for fisheries management, a company that is developing products for the sushi market and so forth.

 "We are very pleased to be working with the sponsors of the Ocean cluster house. With the participation of the sponsors, start-ups have been able to avail the incubator in an efficient way and letting our incubates use the facility without a binding agreement. We are also pleased that the companies who have already graduated from funding from the program, have prospered and are already beginning to create value, " says Eva Run Michelsen Director of Ocean House Cluster.

 Ocean cluster

On September 30th the Icelandic Ocean Custer held "The transport island, Iceland“ conference at Harpa Conference Hall. The lecture was an attempt to answer questions such as "How do we build transport infrastructure of the future? What will be the interplay between cities, ports, airports and industry in the future? Is the transport system ready in the export industry of the future?„ Many interesting results were found.

John D. Kasarda, author of "Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next", addressed the importance of interaction between cities, airports and trade and what it means for Iceland. Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo made a similar point and discussed that airports are not only for passengers, and put forth the economic impact of Keflavik airport and showed that competitiveness is based on an effective transportation route, "Speed ​​Instead of size" is the phrase of the 21st century transport.