About e-AWB

In today's electronic world, air cargo still relies heavily on paper documentation for the exchange of information. Each international airfreight shipment can require more than 30 different paper documents. The Air Waybill (AWB) is a critical air cargo document that constitutes the contract of carriage between the “shipper” (forwarder) and the “carrier” (airline)

e-AWB Industry Targets for IATA in 2016

  • Current Status: 44.1%
  • Year-end Target: 56%

Iceland topped the list of e-AWB implementation in Europe with 70.3 % surpassing IATA goals by nearly 15%

It is nice to see that we are taking lead in e-AWB implementation in Europe.  No need to discuss e-AWB and paperless processes are very important development in the future for our industry, despite the fact that we have seen slow progress so far.  Under the command of Bertel we have managed to take the steps faster than all others in Europe and that is great to see.

In September 2016, Iceland topped the list of e-AWB penetration rate in the Nordic region

Iceland thus managed 70.3 percent in e-AWB rate, followed by Denmark with 42 percent, Finland 38 percent, Sweden 36 percent and finally Norway with 27.5 percent.

Change-wise, Estonia grew its penetration rate the highest, up 5.7 percent, Sweden managed five percent, Finland 4.6 percent, Denmark 4.4 percent, Latvia 3.9 percent and Norway a mere 0.7 percent - while both Iceland and Lithuania dropped 1.5 percent.

Iceland is, however, still the best-performing market as to a-AWB penetration among all European markets!