Icelandair Cargo has years of experience in transporting horses. We provide safe and reliable service in order to secure that the horses get the best possible treatment during trip.

Transport process

Horses are transported on air cargo carriers in specially constructed stall crates, also known as air stables, and the stall crates are constructed to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 5 horses. A horse groom attendant is on board every flight to secure the wellbeing of the horses.

 overview of horse flight

Scheduled Dates

Icelandair Cargo gives out scheduled dates of transport. However, transport dates cannot be confirmed at all times as it often depends on number of booked horses to each destination. Therefore, transport dates may fluctuate, pending on the number of bookings and other conditions.

Our destinations for horses are:

More information about horse transport to Liege in [English] & [German].

Preparation for horse transport

Horses need to be prepared and VET inspected by shipper. It’s the shippers responsibility to arrange all documentations needed, as well as certificates if applicable. Should a quarantine be needed (e.g. USA) it‘s the responsibility of shipper as well to arrange that in forehand.

More information regarding the rules of exporting horses from Iceland can be found on the website of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority.

All horses must have well-trimmed hooves in order to avoid possible injury to other horses during transportation. Horse groom and veterinary at point of export can reject horses for export at the expense of shipper, should they observe badly trimmed hooves. Furthermore, it is imperative to make sure young horses have had some exposure to people and used to being lead.

Carrier’s liability

Icelandair Cargo carries horses in accordance with IATA regulations and is liable according to IATA standards.

The liability covered by this rule is limited and we urge shippers and consignees to purchase further insurance for their horses prior to transport date.

Live Animals Regulations chapter 1.3.8. issued by IATA.


Icelandair Cargo works in cooperation with three horse export specialists that take care of every arrangement between the buyer and the seller. They assist with all paperwork such as health inspection, certificate of origin, horse passes and flight bookings. They can also provide more detailed information regarding the transportation process.

For flight bookings, information and other requests please contact any of our partners.

Eysteinn Leifsson ehf
Tel. 566 6771
Tel 2. 896 5777
E-mail: exporthestar@gmail.com
Website: www.exporthestar.is
Fákaland Export  
Website: www.fakaland.is      

Gunnar Arnarson ehf 
Tel. 557 3788
Tel 2. 892 0344
Hestvit ehf.
Tel. 897 1748
Tel 2. 897 1744