We know the meaning of fresh

Icelandair Cargo specializes in the transportation of fresh seafood products, utilizing our strong route network and our prime position close to the domestic market’s area of operation. We strive for continuous improvement in the supply chain in order to secure the highest quality of fresh seafood products and we work closely with our collaborators in order to fulfil their requirements and the needs of the market.

Fresh Fish from Iceland by air

Freshly caught fish can be on board a plane from Iceland within few hours from catch due to the short distance from the main fishing grounds and the airport. This fish can be on the consumer’s plate in N-America or Europe within 48 hours from catch. That’s fresh! This, in combination with speed and a strong transportation network, is the key factor in delivering fresh fish of higher quality, with better taste and longer shelf life to market. Follow the fish from catch to delivery in this video from the popular Icelandic televison show Landinn that shows clearly the importance of time for freshness.

Unique Supply Chain for Fresh Fish

The skills that have been practised for hundreds of years are now enhanced by sophisticated technology, so that the produce is ready to ship in a matter of hours. Take a deeper look at the supply chain for fresh fish from Iceland in this video from the Icelandic television show Um Land Allt. From Catch, Processing, Airport, Airfreight with Icelandair Cargo and finally a dinner plate in Belgium the day after.

Perishable Center at Keflavik Airport

To ensure the quality of fresh seafood the continuous cooling of the goods is absolutely essential. The Perishable center at Keflavik Airport is equipped with a new precooling system. The system produces an air stream which allows the ambient air of the refrigerated warehouse to be circulated through the pallets. This means that the cool air reaches the interior areas of the pallets in the shortest possible time. This process greatly reduces the cooling down period. The accelerated cooling slows down the ripening and thus increases the possible storage period of perishables. 

Quality and Freshness

For sensory evaluation of fish fillets, it is common to cook the fillets and evaluate their odour and flavour. The Torry-scale is commonly used in the fish industries of some countries and by buyers of fish products and has been developed for lean, medium fat and fat fish species.  Freshness evaluation of cooked fillets has been performed using the Torry scheme which implies the assessment of the fish flavour and odour (a scale from 10, very fresh, to 3, very spoiled). The scale clearly shows the importance of time for quality.

Quality deterioration of fish is first characterised by the initial loss of the fresh fish flavour (sweet, seaweedy) which is followed by the development of a neutral odour/flavour (i.e. the end of freshness period: Torry score = 7), leading to the detection of off-odours/flavours (Torry score = 5). End of shelf life is usually determined when sensory attributes related to spoilage such as sour, pungent, TMA odour and/or flavour become evident. When the average Torry score is around 5.5, most panellists detect those attributes, which indicates that the sample is approaching the end of shelf life. 

Torry Scale

Speed is of the essence

We make sure that quality is not compromised in transport. We keep temperature on board our aircraft and containers as stable as possible, and to meet that goal, speed is of the essence, since flavour, freshness and overall quality decreases if too much time is spent in transit.

Unmatched Freshness

The conditions in the cold and clear Icelandic waters are optimal for catching fresh and wild seafood, that then reaches shore within hours. Icelandic fisheries are sustainable and responsible, ensuring the highest quality within our pure and unspoiled nature.

CO2 neutral optional airfreight

Icelandair Cargo works in cooperation with Kolvidur to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by increasing the carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems, binding the soil and reducing soil erusion, increasing public awareness and the awareness of companies in regard to greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting education on related issues. Our customers can choose to carbon neutralize their shipments on all our routes.

Speed and Reliability

Icelandair Cargo supports Icelandic fisheries and we work closely with the Icelandic Ocean Cluster, our customers and other collaborators to ensure further development and growth in the industry. We are always in a race with time and we strive to ensure quality with speed, reliablity and good services.

For further information about fresh fish exports please contact our Sales/Reservations