Ferskir Ávextir og Grænmeti

We know the meaning of fresh

Fruits and vegatables are vulnerable products that require special attention and fast delivery to prevent decay, spoilage or destruction. Due to its nature, perishable cargo often requires special packaging and handling procedures that minimise the temperature variations during storage and transportation. We have special operating procedures in place and aim to maintain the requested temperature and avoid exposure to extreme conditions in order to secure the highest quality upon delivery.

When freshness matters, it’s a question of time

We care for the quality of fresh food items such as fruit and vegetables because we know that they are juicier, crunchier and taste better when they are completely fresh. With our strong route network, frequent trips and special care we are able to deliver these items as fresh as possible to your local convenience store.

Most consumers choose fresh and presentable fruit and vegetables

It’s important to choose fresh, as we get most of our vitamins and other nutrition from fresh and new fruit and vegetables.

Perishable Center at Keflavik Airport

To ensure the quality of the fruits and vegatables the continuous cooling of the goods is absolutely essential. The Perishable center at Keflavik Airport is equipped with a new precooling system. The system produces an air stream which allows the ambient air of the refrigerated warehouse to be circulated through the pallets. This means that the cool air reaches the interior areas of the pallets in the shortest possible time. This process greatly reduces the cooling down period. The accelerated cooling slows down the ripening and thus increases the possible storage period of perishables.

For further information about perishable imports please contact our Sales/Reservations