Persónulegar eigur

Personal effects

We can transfer all kind of personal effects on our freighter and passenger aircrafts.

Bear the following in mind when moving personal effects by air cargo

For security reasons, cargo that is classified as personal effects needs to be stored in our JFK airport warehouse for at least 24 hours before departure. Personal effects on passenger aircraft to and from the USA need to be X-rayed.

Other things to bear in mind


It is important to measure the weight and volume of the shipment. The customer is responsible for providing as accurate size and measurement information as possible.

Quote offer

When quantity, weight and volume have been measured, send us a form for a quote offer.

Required paperwork

Content or packing list - A list of everything within the personal effects shipment.


It is important that personal effects are properly packaged and that packaging can withstand transportation.

Payment terms

Personal effects are always prepaid.

For further information, please contact our Sales/Reservations