Technology moves fast

Icelandair Cargo transports high-tech items such as the latest smart phone, tablet or various components to/from/via Iceland and to any destination where they are required. High-tech items are usually very valuable and therefore important to transport them in a safe and secure manner, such as with airfreight. Furthermore, high-tech items are perfectly suited for airfreight as they are neither heavy nor require a lot of space. 

Frequent flies

We fly to/from/via Iceland multiple times a day, all year round. By using Icelandair Cargo, you can order fewer items at a time with a shorter lead time and quickly receive your goods. Thus, less capital is tied up in physical goods, depletion is minimized and actual stock is based on supply and demand.

Fast and Reliable

We always aim to stay ahead of time and emphasize your results by providing speedy and reliable services.

Please contact our Sales/Reservations for more information about high-tech transport.