Vélar og varahlutir

Machinery and spare parts transport

Icelandair Cargo transports machinery and spare parts on a regular basis, both to and from Iceland and to any destination where needed. Fast and reliable transport can make all the difference, as the stakes are often high and waiting too long can end up being expensive.

Frequent flies

By using Icelandair Cargo, less capital is tied up in physical goods, depletion is minimized and actual stock is based on supply and demand as Icelandair Cargo flies frequently to/from/via Iceland every week.

Fast and Reliable

We always aim to stay ahead of time and emphasize your results by providing speedy and reliable services. By using Icelandair Cargo to transport your goods, you can keep exactly the stock you need without it costing the consumer much time or money.

Please contact our Sales/Reservations for more information about machine and spare parts transport.